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You are Not Alone

— by Sérgio Costa on March 13, 2012

You are Not Alone

In little more than 3 months we managed to get our Developer Community to grow to quite a nice number. Nowadays, over 550 programmers all over the world are experimenting with the Realtime® Framework and carrying their projects into the future.

You can access the Developers Network Dashboard and see our numbers grow and the network expands.

All over the world, the Web 3.0 phenomena is growing steadily while people start to understand what Realtime® is and what it can do for their products. It’s not just a matter of technology. It’s also a matter of mentality and need. The world is rapidly changing. Contrary to what some have predicted, people are not living alone, closed in their homes in front of a computer screen. Instead, they are using the internet and applications to communicate to their friends and families in ways unimaginable just a decade ago. Technology is being used as a tool to bring people together. Check in in Foursquare and you’ll probably have a couple of friends on the neighborhood that you can gather with.

The number of mobile devices is increasing exponentially and we need a solution. In fact, 550+ developers are already working with the solution.

The Developer Network is a growing community of like-minded people and one that we want to expand and come forth with the next generation of websites and applications. We’d like to have more feedback and see what you are doing out there with our tools. We want to help you building your applications and pave the way for new and amazing solutions. We are here for the community and we want you all to know it.

You are not alone.

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